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The occupation, the massacre and the shadow of migration had been circulating on Kurdistan for thousands of years like black clouds. That is, until the birth of the light that were to tear apart all the dark clouds. This light was so burning that it was a coup for all backward minds. The light was so burning that the earth was filled with enthusiasm and the seeds bursting from the soil, turning into a flower, and becoming the fruit that would feed the whole humanity. The brave sons of the holy lands were to awaken thirsty to freedom, and have real evidence against all kinds of persecution and injustice.

That's how the children of Mesopotamia were to live. With their holy bloods, they would become the symbols of heroism. The power of light was so appealing that they would walk without any obstacles in the way of freedom. The fire of freedom was to go from hand to hand like a torch, and the freedom fighters were to run in the eternity of the marathon.

To glorify the values ​​created with great sacrifice, comrade Aso ignited the marathon flag to become one of the thousands of martyrs of the holy land. Comrade Aso came to the world in Mahabad, the city of resistance and patriots. He was to hear and live at the young age of Mahabad's painful persecution and beauty, the symbol of freedom and co-existence, the Kurdish Republic, its honorable people and Qazi Muhammad's execution. For this reason, Aso chose his name like this. Because the child of Mahabad's painful days was to be the name of hope and desire, and was to create hope in his gaze. Making Urfa the place of his struggle, he believed that a yellow red green flag rising from Ararat would only find its true place in the village of Ömerli, and that it would be the support of Mahabad. Comrade Aso had always grown spite in himself against fake friends. While living in the mystery of a innocent laugh and smile, he made the greatness in his thoughts a life posture. He was silent, but he would join the suffering of the great loneliness with his people in his heart. This time comrade Aso would have epicized the heroism of the songs he listened to from his mother. He would place the love for his mother into the hearts of Kurdish mothers.

In any case, he would sing O Raqip (O Enemy), the freedom anthem in his heart, like a folk song. And would become a symbol of resistance in all the children's language and laughter. He was to shout his love of struggle in Amed squares. This time he would be described as a hero in children's tales. You inflicted fear on the enemy with your resistance, their fear was so deep that they used chemicals. But they had forgotten that they were going to multiply. The marathon flags they took with their hands, like the comrades of other martyrs, would rush through the most difficult way with running steps to the limitlessness of the marathon. Knowingly, they united and became the hurricane of freedom and met with leader APO to destroy the black clouds. In the burning light, they hugged the mother soil. The sacrifice you created with your martyrdoms will live always in our hearts and minds in every step we take, and we will be the followers of your path. Once again we are bowing in front of all our martyrs with respect and renewing our oath.


Nom de Guerre: Aso Mahabad

Name Surname: Kemal Tahazade

Date and place of birth: 1978-Mahabad

Date of joining: 1999


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