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I have problems with my back. It is most probably due to the muscles in the area. I can’t bend forward and have pain in my muscles there. It is most probably linked to the new prison conditions here. Lately my eyes become irritated, watery and there is much pain and itchiness. I have the above difficulties and most probably they are linked to the climate here.

I was not able to say much about the Women’s Conference that took place in Diyarbakır a short while ago, yet it was a very important conference indeed. Democratic Libertarian Women’s Movement is indeed of uttermost importance. It is important to develop women’s democracy within the scope of Women’s freedom. The level attained by the Kurdish women is important. It is also important that women’s awareness is developed in the South. The situation of the women in the Kurdistan of Turkey is much better, women in this part should be able to assist the women in the other parts and even lead them forward when it comes to this issue. There is indeed much to say on this issue.

I believe there shall be a Women’s Festival in Tatvan very soon. Women’s freedom and struggle is of utter importance especially for Tatvan and that region in general, because it positively transforms everyone. I greet them and wish them all the success in their Kurdistan democratic and libertarian women’s struggle. Tatvan, Batman and the regions around there have a very important position in our struggle. Of course Tatvan is a very important place. I think a woman friend from Adıyaman Prison, she is originally from Ahlat, seems to be seriously ill. In one of her letters she says that when she is out of prison her biggest aim is to establish a Woman’s Academy in Tatvan. These are great thoughts. All I can say for Tatvan right now is that later there can be many beautiful and important things done for it. Tatvan, Van and its surroundings as well as the surround region of the Van Lake are places of cultural and historical importance. These areas are culturally rich and legendary places. One end stretches out to the Zagros region, the other Caucasus while the other to Anatolia. From a perspective of arts and aesthetics, Tatvan is quite suitable for such festivals. If my memory does not fail me they say similar thinks about the Zilan region. It is said that there used to be a women’s community and culture in that area. The region around Van and Tatvan is the region where such a culture was formed. This is why it is important that women’s activity and the insitutionalization of this activity is of importance there. It is important to have woman acculturation there. Hence, Tatvan can be an example of social construction and democratic self governance. It is a suitable place for this. Woman Political Academy can be established there.  I take this opportunity to commemorate singer Mizgin and a woman from Lebanon, whose name I can’t remember at the moment. They grew up by my side. Mizgin ended her own life in Tatvan so that she would not be caught. The woman from Lebanon too, ended her own life so that she would not be caught in Batman. They were both very courages and are both very precious martyrs of our people.

In relation to this constitutinal package, I have now understood what AKP wants to do. I have now worked out AKP’s codes of conduct. AKP’s approach in relation to this constitutional package is nothing but a trick. I heard on the radio that the arrangement in relation to the Constitutional Court has passed through with 337 votes. Yet, Article 8 did not pass through with 327 votes. In fact, if AKP wanted, it could pass this article as well, it would have been strong enough to do it.

However, by not passing it through, it is trying to accuse and hold me and BDP responsible for it. Otherwise, they do not really care whether this article passed through or not. They are trying to target me and BDP as result of it though. AKP is trying to show itself as the one who is responsible for making democratic advances forward and we as the ones preventing them! AKP is playig games in relation to these topics. Its real problem is not democratization and some right wing liberal sections are becoming an instrument of these games. Some people like Nuray Mert have understood this well. If AKP is really for pro-democratic developments then why does it not clamp down on the rape that occured in Siirt? The rape incidents in Siirt, Pervari and also at the Boarding Schools in the region are implemented in a deliberate, organized and planned ways. There are tens and hundereds of people involved in these incidents. These incidents are of depth and planned. The fact that so many people are involved indeed indicates that it is no coincidence. I had previously warned in relation to such matters. These are  rehearsals for a big genocide. These incidents in Siirt and Pervari are indications of a genocide. Why are all these incidents never brought out to daylight, although there are so many people involved in it? It has gone on for two whole years. It has been revealed that their own personnel are involved in it; the deputy principle also part of the case. It is quiet siginificant that these incidents occur in Siirt. It is as if they are taking their revenge from Kurds because they won in Siirt in local elections. This is their revenge. The rape incident in Siirt and Pervari are against the Kurds as a whole. Such a rape has stained Siirt and Pervari and their dignity. That is why I said earlier that you should raise hell against such incidents. They are abusing small children in such a way and taking advantage of their defencelessness. This is savagery and horrible. I can not understand how one could just be a mere sprectator to such incidents. When I think of this rape culture, I become really angry with woman because if this rape culture is not overcome and dealt with, there can be no love and effection at all. A provision of women’s freedom is to fight against this rape culture. I can’t understand the women either. What are you doing? Whatever you do, as a women, you must find a solution to this. I listened to the interviews on TRT-1 radio with intellectuals, writers in relation to these incidents. They just said that they were deeply effected by these incidents and because of this can not be able to comment on it. People, who live in the region too can not find anything to say about the incidents. It is a difficult situation. If AKP is a reall democrat and sincere then it should confront the problems there. Also, there are similar incidents occuring in the Boarding Schools in the region. Small children are taken away from their families and displaced from their homelands by using the argument of poverty. Hence, due to this situation of poverty and them being in a weak position, they are abused and exploited as they see fit. There is a need for depth analysis to be made the Boarding Schools (YIBO's) in the region in order to solve the problems. Kurdish children are taken away from their families and are estranged from their own language and culture. This is how they are alienated from their own language and culture. Kurdish children, who do not speak Turkish, made not to speak their own mother tongue in such schools. Is this a democracy of AKP? The Kurdish intellectulas must write about the Boarding Schools in the region (YIBO's) and focus on these incidents. What is implemented on these children are nothing less then a genoice. It is a genocide of culture and literature. There is a definition of genocide made by UN conventions, where it also points out that to cut people off and alienate them from their own language and culture and to channel them to another culture and language and indeed to coerce them to live under such conditions is a genocide. This is how genocide is defined. This is what takes place in these YİBOs.  Here thousands of Kurdish children are thrown into a foreign language and culture from very small ages after being taken away from their families and subjected to genocide. Of course, as you all know, there is a huge problem of unemployment in the society; hence the unemplyoment and poverty of the Kurdish people are also exploited. They are forced to accept things. As if it is not enough that these children are taken away, they are then subjected to disgusting practices. If a three year old child is raped, this is nothing more then becoming undignified and loosing all personality. This is a situation of one forcible through violance making you to do what they want to do through rape, to leave them totally defenceless. This is, what is desired to be done to the Kurds in general. This is why I define it as a Kurdish genocide. One of the most important thing of all is culture and language. Culture and language are the dignity of a people. An undignified human society left over, if you remove their culture and language from them. I can never forget a memory of mine, I was really very young then. I used to criticize my mother harshly for not speaking her own mother tongue and teaching her own culture to her own child. I can not forget the day I showed mum the hens and its chicks and told her ‘Even, a hen communicates with its chicks in its own way. Why can’t you defend me even like that hen?’. During those times, I did not know Turkish and I was going to school. I had much difficulty because of that. Even back then I had conflicts. And this was my first rebelliance and uprising. Of course, we developed and made this uprising in more depth and brought it to very day. There are many dimensions of this genocide. Cultural genocide, language genocide, political genocide, economic genocide and the genocide of the nature are all included in it. I think all these are regulated within the definition of the UN conventions. BDP must take the issue to the UN in such depth. They should work on this issue. The UN, on the other hand, should defend our people’s rights. There are all sorts of genocides against our people but there is no reaction from them. Children are taken away from their families but there is no reaction at all. There are so many cases of rape, but no one is able to do anything. There is not even a reaction. It is so sad that you have your culture, heritage, nature destroyed and dams built just before your eyes, but you have no reaction against it, you can not prevent them but are just onlookers. I had already mentioned the situation of Dersim previously, there are similar things there as well. These are the situations and incidents occurring under the AKP government. There is also the arrest of 1500 Kurdish politicians from DTP and BDP, whose situation, earlier, I described as political genocide. Now, it has been exactly one year that they have been kept in prison without a trial and they do not even have an indictment. This, indeed, is a political genoicide. The Armenian genocide, which called the ‘Great Disaster’, began with the forced exile of 220 Armenain intellectuals after being arrested on 24 April. Though, in regarding to the Kurds, the number is 1500. A BDP administer, Osman Yigit, who was arrested during these operations, lost his life in the prison. I take this opportunity to convey my condolonces to his family and our people. The genoicide of the Kurdish people has begun with the arrest and sending of 1500 Kurdish politicians and intellectuals to prison. They aim to strip the Kurds off their will power and then to have them surrender. Such an implementation is nothing less then the Hitler fascism. Hitler used to take the Jews to the gas chambers and keep them at the concentration camps during the Holocaust. The genocide against the Kurds is not so far off. Erdogan made an evaluation on the similarities between Hitler and Inönü. My criticism of İnönü is public and I have made much evaluation on him hence I shall not open the subject. However there is no need for Erdoğan to searhc for Hitler’s spirit very far away. He only needs to have a look at its own party and party policies. On the one hand you shall attempt the genocide of the Kurds by the rapes that occur all around, the practice of regional boarding schools and the arrrest of the Kurdish politicians while on the other hand you ask for the support of the Kurdish people! AKP needs to be sincere about these issues. Therefore, to view this constitutional package independently from of all these developments and to show it to be a ‘democratic leap forward’ and to target me and BDP is nothing but an injustice and ruthlesness! AKP is trying to turn the general developments through the constitutional package as to its own advantage. It is really trying to strengthen and continue with its own political power as well as rule. Why are they targeting me so much? This is due to the fact that I spoil their game, that’s all. No one can blame us and no one has the right to do so. If they can not take into account all the thinks above, how can they come to such conclusions? No-one shall even see the genocide implemented, no one shall even talk about it, not even the rape that has been going is put on the agenda, but I and BDP shall be held responsible for all things! These circles accuse us of taking the same stance as MHP and CHP. Let me in return I say that we shall neither fall into the same stance as the MHP and CHP nor be the back up for AKP. BDP can develop its work in relation to the constitution. This democratic constitutional efforts maybe spread out to the whole society, NGO’s, intellectuals and everyone else. A discussion platform can be created in relation to the democratic constitution. You could tell everyone, why there is a need for a democratic constitution. A concerted effort maybe needed in this respect.

As I have pointed out before, there are two different Turkist sections within Turkey. On the one hand there is the Secular-Nationalist-Turkist Line, which has Ankara as its capital and is mainly represented by MHP and CHP. On the other hand is the Konya-Kayseri centered Hegemonic-Islamic-Turkist Line represented by AKP. We shall not choose between any of these two Turkist lines. The Hegemonic-Islamic-Turkist line is more dangerous then the Nationalist-Turkist line. Each one is more dangerous then the other. The two Turkist lines are both fascizm, are both institutionalized fascizm and they shall eliminate any form of democracy and pluralism. When it comes to the Kurds, CHP and MHP are the secret allies of AKP. I call onto Erdogan from here and say that his secret alliances are Baykal and Bahçeli. AKP is not trying to bring democracy at all, what it is trying to do is to reinforce its own power and postpone democratic demands of the people. What AKP aims to do is to get us into a fight with a section of the army and Ergenekon and so while we all are weaken by this process, AKP  to turn this into its own advantage. US and England are behind these policies. These powers also had a role in me being brought here. When I bring all the small parts together, everything becomes so much more clear. In order to be able to bring me here there was many concessions and negotiations that took place. Foremost, there was US and England but also Greece, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia and other countries taking place in this conspiracy in return for concessions. Turkey has given many concessions in return for my extradition and has made itself dependent of these countries now. Just after my arrest, there has been many bi-lateral agreements made with countries such as Iran, Syria and Iraq. They tried to re-organize the regional relations. They gave concessions to Greece in relation to the Aegean islands. They shall begin negotiations on 14 May with Greece, let’s see what shall happen? Later, there was bi-lateral agreements with Syria and Iran and they determined a common Kurdish policy amongst themselves. Right now, Iran-Syria and Turkey are furthering their anti-Kurdish alliance. This is very dangereous indeed. After my arrest, they dissolved the Saddam regime and re-organized it. They put forth the leaders of the South. They are trying to arrange their relations with Armenia by signing some protocols. All tese developments are closely related to my arrest and the Kurdish movement. They all started with me being forced out of Syria by a conspiracy. It is closely related to this conspiracy. In fact such efforts targeted the annihilation of PKK and the surrender of BDP. BDP would be forced to surrender and PKK sieged to be annihilated while I would have been left to die here. However, the efforts made by me and the PKK together with our people’s resistance led to the annulment of such games. They tried to ensure the surrender of the BDP by using Ahmet Türk at one stage. I know that he has good intentions, but they tried this surrender policy of theirs by using him. Ahmet Türk and the others did not fall into this trap and as a result the attacks like the one in Samsun was put on the agenda. These attacks were no coincidence. In fact, the attack in Samsun was nothing but the anger felt against Ahmet Türk for spoiling their game and for not being able to achieve their aim. This is how it should be seen.

The solution to the question is not that difficult at all. I had previously said that there are two provisions. The first one is the provision of the Human Rights and Democracy. The second one is the provision of Security. I had previously both verbally and written presented my views on these to the sections of the state with common sense during the AKP governance as well as AKP itself and the Prime Minister. It must also be known that we have not asked for much. These two provisions are constitutional rights. First one is human rights and democracy, which means a democratic constitution. The construction of a democratic constitution means democratic rights. It is constitutionally guaranteeing the democratic rights of the Kurdish people. The second provision is security. This is, also, a constitutional right to be regulated within the constitution. All communities should have some kind of a warranty. The people of Turkey must have a guarantee and so must the Kurds. When both of these provisions are compiled with then I shall do my share of work as well. I previously made calls and I said ‘if you implement these two provisions then I shall gather all the armed forces into a certain area that both sides find suitable’. I added that ‘I have both the strenght to do this and I believe in this’. It is not so important that I am with them or not physically. I am prepared to do this even now. The armed forces of the organization maybe gathered in Kandil, Cudi, Cilo or Süphan. If these two provisions are implemented, I have the power to implement what I have said. I do not have to be right beside them, to do this.

Ever since Özal, we made efforts to resolve the issue and enter into a dialogue. These efforts continue to this very day. However, each time our efforts to establish a contact with the government was eliminated. During the term of Özal, we had talked about gathering the forces in a region. Özal was sincere about the resolution of the question. We were a little late to respond and Özal was eliminated. Later during the term of Erbakan, once again the gathering of the forces in one place came to the agenda. Erbakan had good-willed initatives at the time. We responded positively to his initiatives. Erbakan was able to show his own will power, but he was also eliminated. As a result, our initiatives at the time were spoilt. Then it was the term of Ecevit, we had discussions back then, as well. They came to see me here and we took some steps by withdrawing our forces. However, our efforts were not met and Ecevit was also eliminated. Since Özal until now and still we had and have verbal and written attempts. But, I shall no longer delay anyone or allow anyone to delay me. I was patient enough with AKP for eight years, now. I call on the Prime Minister to get up and say ‘I want to make peace with the Kurds’. You should show this courage and if you do we shall deploy our forces appropriately, so that opportunity can be given to a resolution. My final words are: I shall wait until the end of May and beginning of June. If there is no will-power to resolve the question then I shall withdraw. When I do this I shall not accept any responsibility at all. I shall tell KCK that ‘my health is no longer fit for it’. When this would occur, I will not/ can not really tell to both the government, the state and the KCK what to do. Whether they shall fight or make peace is something they shall decide amongst themselves. Early June all these should clear and, from then on, no-one can hold me responsible from the developments. I am quiet clear and open with this. This is my final call.

This is what I can tell PKK and KCK: Karayılan, Duran and the final remarks of Cemil Bayık are public. They have talked about their own views and thoughts. They are now at the centre of it all. I have much respect for all their views and thoughts. They know their own situation better then anyone else. From now on, it is up to them. They shall make their own decisions. They shall decide whether to make peace or war with the state. Shall they respond to the eighty percent of the needs of the people by organizing themselves amongst them especially in social, political, economic and cultural areas? Shall they be able to create Revolutionary Political Academies? They say that there shall be uprisings in the cities, urban rebellions, widespread clashes and violence shall be climbed to intermediate level. I am not making these remarks they are. Therefore they shall decide themselves in relation to all these.

The Kurdish question in Iran needs to be resolved as well. For Iran to escape this siege, it needs to become democratic.

I convey my special greeting to all the women, to Tatvan, to Batman and, our people.

5 May 2010