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ANF 16.07.2010- “The Turkish government is preparing itself for a new operation against the Kurds. What they are aiming at is destruction of the Kurdish people. In that sense, Erdoğan- Army alliance is more dangerous” said Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.The Turkish government is preparing itself for a new operation against the Kurds. What they are aiming at is destruction of the Kurdish people. In that sense, Erdoğan- Army alliance is more dangerous” said Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. He also reiterated his proposal of last week of gathering guerrillas in a certain area under supervision of UN.

In the course of his weekly lawyer visit imprisoned leader of PKK Abdullah Öcalan regarding so called ‘opening’ project of the AKP government said: “It seems that the government has no intention to solve the problem. What they are calling ‘democratic opening’ is the cover they use to hide their outrages destruction concept. Kurdish people should be aware of it.” Öcalan also stated that the meeting held in Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul was a meeting in which Erdogan bargained with soldiers. Öcalan further said that Erdogan government is more dangerous than Ergenekon and Çiller-Güreş alliance of 93.

Regarding upcoming constitution referendum and BDP’s call for boycott Öcalan said: “I find this boycott important. They should say ‘Absolute boycott until a democratic constitution.”

In relation to the CPT’s report Öcalan said: “I heard of the CPT’s reports on İmrali. What they are doing is insincere. Once they mentioned what needs to be change in the prison they should have follow the implementation. Nothing has changed. CPT is working in cooperation with the Turkish state. CPT has also mentioned the right to send letter to them without supervision of the prison administration. What are they talking about? Do they think the prisoner administration will obey this? They will let me send any letters reading beforehand. If it was possible I would send CPT letters on a weekly basis. They are all working together. CPT- the Council of Europe and Turkey working hand in hand have prevented re-trial.”

Erdogan is abusing Gaze and Palestine issues

Öcalan stated that PM Erdogan’s attitude against Israel is a show. “The aim of sending ships was not helping Gaze. Or one minute crisis at Davos submit. What they are trying to do is to put pressure on Israel and make work with the Turks against the Kurds. Otherwise, Gaze and Palestine are masks. Turkey is trying to build a three-headed collation against the Kurds. Israel-USA-Turkey. But I don’t think Israel will be a part of it and doesn’t want to be a part of it. I don’t know how it falls in with its interest. USA doesn’t have enough soldiers to use against the Kurds. Neither does Iraq and Iraq. What Turkey can do it only bombing the area. Turkey wants to make an operation together with Syria. There were fake reports about it speculated by the Turkish side. But I don’t think Syria will be a part of it, neither will Iran. Iran hits the area with mortar shells. That’s all.”

Civilian lives should be respected

Öcalan reiterated that he is not giving instructions to PKK to fight or not to fight. He stated that in 1999 he had to choose either mountains or Europe and he chose Europe because he believed in a peaceful solution. He further stated that his understanding of fight is clear and he is against killings civilians. He will also not accept any attacks against civilians carried out in his name, like it was done in 1990’s by some groups within the PKK.

Öcalan also criticises ambushes on military bases carried out by the Kurdish guerrillas. He said “I am not happy that soldiers are dying. Moreover, half of the soldiers who were killed in the ambushes were also Kurds. I am not making a distinction among the killed soldiers. I am endeavouring to solve this problem.”

Prison Conditions are getting harder

Regarding his prison conditions Öcalan said: “My prison conditions are depending on the developments of the last two weeks. The pressure on me is increasing in a parallel way. I have not listened to the radio for a week. They said they are taking the radio to repair and have not given me back. My cell is unventilated. I cannot breathe, I cannot sleep. I can breathe when I remove the bars and put my head out. I am not given letters anymore. There were 15 letters arrived but I was given only two of them. So what happened that they stop giving me the letters? It is all about the situation outside. I also heard that they will install a machine which will record and type our meetings. It seems they will increase the pressure gradually. It shows that the government is preparing itself for a new operation.”